Ett område, två länder, tre kulturer

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Vaajma – The heart of Scandinavia

In the heart of Scandinavia and the middle of the Swedish and Norwegian mountains lies Destination Vaajma. You will choose to live here out of love for the village, the beautiful nature and the wonderful people. And the same lovely environment will meet those who come here as tourists.

Two countries and three cultures – that is Destination Vaajma. Here you can find a mixture of Swedish, Norwegian and Sami people living together in an area with just about 3400 inhabitants.

Destination Vaajma Economic association is owned by Tillväxt Frostviken, Ansättfjällen, Lierne Fritid and Røyrvik Fritid.


What do we offer
Destination Vaajma offers great possibilities for an active vacation. Here you can find about 3000 fishing waters and 2000 kilometers of hiking trails and you can drive snowmobile and go skiing. We have high mountains, deep valleys and lots of mystical forests to explore. You can also find exciting caves and special flora and fauna in these areas. Why not explore the landscape on hoseback?

This region had plenty of delicacies when it comes to food and drink. Here you can find a lot of small local food processors that will be happy to show you what they do.

Destination Vaajma offers a variety of trips and experiences and there is something for everyone no matter if you want to hike, go fishing or just take it easy and enjoy our beautiful surroundings. We can offer you complete all-inclusive trips or help you find accommodation and things to do if you want to explore the area on your own. For information about current trips please go to and read more about what we have to offer.

You can also contact any of the tourist offices and they will help you with your enquiries.






Please contact the tourist offices for more information

Ansättfjällens turistbyrå
0046 (0)640 164 00

Lierne turistinformasjon
0047 47 74 34 34 00

Frostvikens turistbyrå
0046 (0)672 105 00

Visit Børgefjell
0047 74 33 57 45

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